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Enhancing Sustainability and Efficiency


Radisson Roe Park Resort, situated in County Londonderry overlooking Lough Foyle, sought to enhance operational efficiency and sustainability. Partnering with Hughes Energy Systems, the resort deployed PowerSave™ ESS to address energy consumption challenges. This case study illustrates the successful implementation of PowerSave™ ESS, resulting in significant energy savings and environmental benefits. Through tailored solutions and advanced monitoring capabilities, Radisson Roe Park Resort exemplifies the potential of sustainable energy management in the hospitality sector.



Located in County Londonderry overlooking Lough Foyle, Radisson Roe Park Resort, a prestigious four-star hotel, sought to reduce operational costs while enhancing its environmental footprint. With diverse facilities including 118 bedrooms, conference spaces, restaurants, spa amenities, and a golf course, the hotel faced significant energy consumption challenges across its operations.

Case study - Radisson Roe Park Resort


In collaboration with PowerSave™ strategic partner Hughes Energy Systems, Radisson Roe Park Resort implemented the PowerSave™ ESS energy-saving regulator. This innovative technology, recommended by Hughes Energy Systems, adjusted electrical voltage throughout the hotel to minimize excess consumption in lighting, pumps, fans, refrigeration, and air conditioning systems. Additionally, voltage optimisation was identified as a key strategy to reduce the resort's carbon footprint, aligning with sustainability goals.

Powersave Energy Transformer

Key Specifications

  • PowerSave™ ESS maintains regulated electricity output amidst fluctuations in mains supply quality, ensuring optimal efficiency of electrical equipment.

  • The system reduces supply voltages to a controlled minimum level, leading to lower energy bills, extended equipment lifespan, and reduced carbon emissions.

  • The ESS-A-3-400 unit, equipped with voltage regulation and phase balancing capabilities, provided an effective solution tailored to the diverse energy needs of Radisson Roe Park Resort.

  • Installation of a smart meter facilitated remote monitoring, enabling real-time oversight of electricity consumption and carbon emissions without direct access to equipment.

PowerSave Voltage Optimisers


Following the implementation of PowerSave™ ESS at Radisson Roe Park Resort, significant energy savings were achieved. The ESS reduced varying incoming line voltages from 233-244 volts to a consistent 215 volts across all phases. As a result, power consumption decreased from 219 kW to 185 kW, leading to average power savings of 15.7%. This substantial reduction in energy usage not only translated to cost savings but also contributed to the hotel's environmental sustainability efforts.

Additional Value:

PowerSave™ ESS not only delivers tangible financial benefits but also aligns with Radisson Roe Park Resort's commitment to sustainability. By reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions, the implementation of PowerSave™ ESS enhances the resort's environmental stewardship while bolstering operational efficiency. With remote monitoring capabilities provided by the smart meter, hotel personnel gain greater control over energy usage and emissions, enabling informed decision-making and further optimizing sustainability efforts.

Through the successful integration of PowerSave™ ESS, Radisson Roe Park Resort sets a precedent for sustainable energy management within the hospitality industry, demonstrating the potential for significant cost savings and environmental impact reduction.

 The Radisson Roe Park Resort

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