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Case Study

Maximising Efficiency: JJO's Success with PowerSave™ ESS



JJO, a company dedicated to environmental responsibility and cost efficiency, faced challenges in reducing CO2 emissions and improving the energy efficiency of its plant. Seeking solutions to enhance operational sustainability, JJO embarked on a mission to address energy consumption concerns.

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To improve energy efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions, JJO installed two PowerSave™ ESS energy-saving regulators. The PowerSave™ ESS, renowned for its innovative voltage control technology, maintains regulated electricity output despite fluctuations in mains supply quality. By reducing mains input voltage, balancing phase voltage, and regulating output, the ESS ensures equipment operates at optimum efficiency, resulting in lower energy bills and reduced carbon footprint.

PowerSave ESS Voltage Optimisers

Key Specifications

  • PowerSave™ ESS offers dual capability to both reduce and regulate voltage, minimizing excess power consumption while ensuring equipment operates within optimal parameters.

  • Unlike fixed voltage reduction products, the ESS's regulation feature eliminates the risk of voltage dropping below equipment operating requirements, enhancing operational safety and reliability.

  • JJO's selection of PowerSave™ ESS was reinforced by its status as a UK manufacturer, aligning with JJO's commitment to supporting local businesses and promoting sustainability.



The installation of PowerSave™ ESS at JJO resulted in remarkable energy savings and CO2 emissions reduction. With a reported reduction of 480,000 kWh in electricity consumption, equivalent to savings of 257,760kg of carbon dioxide, JJO demonstrated significant strides towards its environmental and cost efficiency goals. Despite initial investment costs, JJO anticipates a rapid payback period of less than two years, highlighting the economic viability of the solution.

Additional Value:

Beyond tangible financial savings, the adoption of PowerSave™ ESS underscores JJO's dedication to environmental stewardship and operational excellence. Partnering with Utility Forum, a Carbon Trust accredited energy management consultancy, JJO implemented an integrated strategy to reduce energy consumption, further enhancing its commitment to sustainability. Through its successful collaboration with PowerSave™ ESS, JJO sets a benchmark for energy efficiency within its industry, showcasing the transformative potential of innovative energy-saving technologies.


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