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Revolutionising Energy Efficiency


The Ministry of Defence (MoD) aimed to boost energy efficiency and cut costs at RAF Dishforth. Collaborating with Technical Combined Solutions (TCS), they deployed PowerSave™ ESS, a voltage control solution by Claude Lyons. This initiative resulted in significant energy savings and aligned with the MoD's sustainability objectives. With its rapid ROI and low maintenance, PowerSave™ ESS sets a benchmark for efficient energy management in defence facilities, paving the way for wider adoption of sustainable technologies.



The Ministry of Defence (MoD) embarked on a mission to enhance energy efficiency and cost savings across its facilities. Seeking tangible results, the MoD initiated a pilot scheme to evaluate the efficacy of voltage optimisation technology. RAF Dishforth in North Yorkshire was chosen as the test site due to its representative nature and complex energy demands, particularly at the officer’s mess, which boasted a high volume of appliances and an expensive lighting system.

Case Study - RAF saves money from investing in Voltage optimisers


In collaboration with strategic partner Technical Combined Solutions (TCS), the MoD turned to PowerSave™ ESS, an innovative voltage control technology offered by Claude Lyons. Designed to maintain a regulated electricity output amidst fluctuations in mains supply quality, PowerSave™ ESS presented an ideal solution for RAF Dishforth's energy challenges. By reducing input mains voltage, balancing phase voltage, and regulating output, the ESS ensured optimal efficiency of electrical equipment, thereby mitigating unnecessary power consumption and promoting energy savings.

Powersave Energy Transformer

Key Specifications

  • PowerSave™ ESS provides continuous regulation of voltage, allowing equipment to operate at maximum efficiency.

  • The technology reduces supply voltages to a controlled minimum level, resulting in lower energy bills, prolonged equipment lifespan, and a reduced carbon footprint.

  • Claude Lyons conducted a comprehensive site survey, revealing underutilisation of the existing 400-amp infrastructure at RAF Dishforth.

  • Despite peak electricity demand, the site operated at only one-third of its capacity, highlighting the potential for significant efficiency improvements with the ESS.
PowerSave Energy Saving Systems


Following the installation of PowerSave™ ESS at RAF Dishforth, significant energy savings were realised. The ESS achieved an average voltage reduction of approximately 8.5%, leading to average power savings of 12.5%. These savings translated to an estimated £4,300 per annum, considering various costs associated with energy consumption, including labour and utility bills. With a return on investment in just over two years, PowerSave™ ESS proved to be a cost-effective solution for RAF Dishforth, aligning with the MoD's objectives of enhancing operational efficiency and reducing expenditure.

Additional Value:

PowerSave™ ESS not only delivers substantial financial savings but also aligns with organisational priorities of sustainability and environmental responsibility. As a division of Claude Lyons, a leading authority in voltage control technologies with over 75 years of expertise, PowerSave™ offers proven, efficient solutions tailored to diverse energy challenges. With minimal ongoing maintenance requirements, PowerSave™ ESS empowers organisations to achieve significant financial savings while demonstrating a commitment to environmental stewardship.

Through the successful implementation of PowerSave™ ESS at RAF Dishforth, the MoD sets a precedent for effective energy management within its facilities, paving the way for broader adoption of sustainable technologies across the defence sector and beyond.


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