Hotel Case Studies

Engage in a thorough review of our curated hotel case studies, illustrating the successful integration of sustainable energy solutions in the hospitality sector. Each case study exemplifies how innovative technologies foster operational efficiency and environmental stewardship.

Discover firsthand how hotels strategically reduce operational costs while reinforcing sustainability commitments. Explore the precise implementation of voltage regulation technologies, leading to significant energy savings and alignment with sustainability goals.

Uncover the detailed strategies employed by these establishments, utilising customised solutions and advanced monitoring capabilities to achieve measurable results. Immerse yourself in narratives of progress and innovation, highlighting the profound impact of sustainable energy management on organisational performance and environmental responsibility.

Explore these compelling case studies to extract valuable insights and inspiration for advancing sustainable energy practices within the hospitality industry.

Europa Hotels

Discover how the Europa Hotel achieved remarkable energy savings and positioned itself as a leader in sustainability within the hospitality sector. Learn about the scalability and applicability of voltage regulation systems for your industry's unique needs.

Raddison Hotels

Through the successful integration of PowerSave™ ESS, Radisson Roe Park Resort sets a precedent for sustainable energy management within the hospitality industry, demonstrating significant cost savings and environmental impact reduction. Explore further to learn about the potential benefits for your organisation.


Claude Lyons, a UK brand established in 1918, has been a pioneer in voltage and power control, making significant advancements in energy saving and harmonic mitigation, and is globally recognised for its voltage stabilisers, power conditioning and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). In 2016, The Allendale Group Ltd acquired Claude Lyons’ trademarks, product designs, and intellectual property, continuing the legacy of innovation and commitment to high-quality products.

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Claude Lyons Ltd is a subsidiary company of The Allendale Group Ltd.

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