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Case Study

Powering Efficiency: HMC's Success with PowerSave™ ESS"


HMC, a leading company in Northern Ireland's Mid Ulster, faced energy efficiency challenges despite its commitment to quality and stringent accreditation standards. To address rising energy costs and reduce its carbon footprint, HMC implemented the PowerSave™ ESS, an advanced voltage control technology, in collaboration with Hughes Energy Systems. The ESS dynamically adjusted voltage levels, optimising equipment efficiency and resulting in significant energy and financial savings. With an annual electricity bill reduction of £4,500 and extended equipment lifespan, HMC demonstrated its commitment to sustainability and operational excellence.



HMC, a leading company in Northern Ireland's Mid Ulster, faced challenges related to energy costs and environmental sustainability despite its commitment to quality and stringent accreditation standards. Operating from a modern factory equipped with refrigeration, variable speed air compressors, lighting, and process heating, HMC sought to reduce energy consumption and lower its carbon footprint to align with European and customer requirements.



To address its energy efficiency goals, HMC opted to install the PowerSave™ ESS, an innovative voltage control technology. Working with Hughes Energy Systems, HMC deployed the ESS on the main electrical incomer to regulate electricity output and minimise unnecessary power consumption. The ESS dynamically adjusts voltage levels, ensuring optimum efficiency of electrical equipment and reducing energy bills while extending equipment lifespan.

Powersave Energy Transformer

Key Specifications

  • PowerSave™ ESS maintains a regulated electricity output, reducing input mains voltage and balancing phase voltages to prevent excess power consumption.

  • Unlike fixed percentage voltage reduction devices, the ESS dynamically adjusts voltage levels based on real-time fluctuations in mains supply, making it ideal for sites with numerous appliances like HMC's factory.

  • The ESS unit allows for precise voltage regulation with an accuracy of ±1% of the set point, ensuring optimal equipment operation and energy savings.

  • Installation of a bypass switch enables occasional maintenance without disrupting operations, enhancing convenience and flexibility.

PowerSave ESS Voltage Optimisers


Implementation of PowerSave™ ESS at HMC's factory resulted in significant energy and financial savings. With the ESS reducing voltage by approximately 10%, HMC achieved an annual electricity bill reduction of £4,500, equating to approximately 7% savings. Additionally, the extended longevity of plant and equipment further contributed to operational cost efficiency and sustainability.

Additional Value:

The adoption of PowerSave™ ESS not only delivered tangible financial savings but also underscored HMC's commitment to environmental stewardship. By reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions, HMC enhances its reputation as a responsible and sustainable company. Encouraged by the positive results, HMC chose to expand its investment in PowerSave™ technology by installing another unit at its Foyle Proteins factory, further solidifying its commitment to energy efficiency and sustainability. Through its partnership with Hughes Energy Systems, HMC sets a benchmark for energy management excellence within the industry, showcasing the transformative potential of innovative voltage control technology.


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