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Powering Efficiency: Glenavon House Hotel's Success with Voltage Optimisation Technology


In the pursuit of sustainability and operational excellence, Glenavon House Hotel embarked on a transformative journey to address its energy consumption challenges. Faced with rising energy costs and a commitment to reducing its carbon footprint, the hotel sought innovative solutions to enhance energy efficiency. Led by Brian Morris, the Hotel Director, Glenavon House Hotel partnered with Hughes Energy Systems to conduct a comprehensive survey of its site and identify opportunities for improvement. Recognizing the potential of voltage optimisation technology as a key strategy for energy efficiency, the hotel embraced the installation of Claude Lyons PowerSave ESS-A-3-600 voltage regulator.



Like many hotels, Glenavon House Hotel faced challenges related to high energy expenditure and a desire to reduce its carbon footprint. Brian Morris, the Hotel Director, recognised the need to implement energy-saving measures to address these challenges effectively.

Case Study - Glenavon saves money with Voltage Optimiser from Claude Lyons


To tackle the energy consumption issues, Hughes Energy Systems conducted a thorough survey of the hotel site. Based on the findings, Brian Morris decided to implement voltage optimisation technology as a key strategy for energy efficiency. The installation of voltage optimisation aimed to reduce losses in lighting, pumps, fans, refrigeration, and air conditioning equipment, ultimately lowering overall electricity consumption.

Case Study - Glenavon House Hotel Energy Saving

Key Specifications

  • Voltage optimisation technology reduces electricity voltage throughout the hotel, minimizing losses in various equipment and enhancing energy efficiency.

  • The installation of Claude Lyons PowerSave ESS-A-3-600 voltage regulator ensures a regulated voltage of 220 Volts (± 1%) at all times and on all phases, maximizing the benefits of voltage optimisation.

  • The inclusion of Northern Design smart meters allows for efficient energy monitoring and data collection, facilitating informed decision-making and optimising energy management practices.

Case Study - Glenavon House saves Energy


Early indications following the implementation of voltage optimisation technology show promising results, with Glenavon House Hotel achieving over 13% savings in energy consumption compared to the previous year. These savings translate not only to reduced energy expenditure but also to lower maintenance costs, as evidenced by fewer replacement bulb orders and increased appliance lifespan.

Additional Value:

The adoption of voltage optimisation technology not only demonstrates Glenavon House Hotel's commitment to environmental sustainability but also delivers tangible financial benefits. Through strategic partnerships with Hughes Energy Systems and Claude Lyons Ltd, the hotel sets a benchmark for energy efficiency within the hospitality industry. By leveraging innovative solutions and embracing sustainable practices, Glenavon House Hotel enhances its reputation as an environmentally conscious establishment while achieving significant cost savings and operational efficiency improvements.

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