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Case Study

 Overcoming Electricity Supply Challenges for Remote Barn Conversion

When faced with the challenge of extending electricity supply to a remote barn conversion at significant cost, Farmer Nick Gasson sought a solution from Claude Lyons. Leveraging their expertise in voltage stabilisation technology, Claude Lyons devised an innovative approach to overcome distance barriers and provide a stable power supply. This case study highlights the transformative impact of cost-effective solutions in enabling rural development and unlocking economic potential. Through collaboration, a once-inaccessible barn became a thriving holiday let, underscoring the value of innovative technology in addressing infrastructure challenges and fostering sustainability.


Farmer Nick Gasson faced the challenge of bringing electricity to a barn conversion building situated more than half a mile away from the main farm buildings. The local electricity board estimated exorbitant costs to extend the power supply to the remote barn, threatening the viability of the project. With the aim of turning the barn into a holiday let to boost farm income, finding a cost-effective solution was imperative.
Voltage Sag compensation install at UK farm


Upon recommendation, Nick approached Claude Lyons for a solution to the electricity supply challenge. Claude Lyons proposed a solution based on their voltage stabiliser equipment. The system involved stepping up the voltage supply to approximately 550 volts at the main building and then transmitting power along 1200 meters of cable to the barn. At the barn, the voltage was reduced back to the standard 230 volts, providing a stable and adequate power supply to the conversion. This innovative approach offered a significantly more affordable alternative compared to the costly solution suggested by the electricity company.

Key Specifications

Voltage stabiliser equipment from Claude Lyons was employed to step up the voltage supply at the main building and then reduce it back to standard levels at the remote barn. The system effectively transmitted power along a 1200-meter cable, overcoming the challenge of distance and ensuring a stable supply to the barn conversion.
Inner workings of a Claude Lyons TS Voltage Stabiliser


By implementing Claude Lyons' voltage stabiliser solution, Farmer Nick Gasson successfully brought electricity to the remote barn conversion at a fraction of the cost initially projected by the local electricity board. The stable power supply enabled the transformation of the barn into a holiday let, fulfilling the farm's goal of diversifying income streams. The cost-effective solution provided by Claude Lyons proved instrumental in overcoming the logistical challenges associated with extending electricity supply to remote locations. Additional Value: Our expertise in voltage stabilisation technology provided added value by offering a practical and cost-effective solution to the electricity supply challenge faced by Farmer Nick Gasson. This case exemplifies the versatility of our solutions in addressing a wide range of electrical supply problems, from industrial applications to rural settings. By enabling the conversion of remote buildings into viable income-generating assets, Claude Lyons' voltage stabilisers contribute to the economic sustainability of farms and rural communities. This case study highlights the importance of innovative solutions in overcoming infrastructure challenges and underscores the role of technology in facilitating rural development and diversification of agricultural activities.
Claude Lyons Voltage Sage compensators for remote sites

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