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Enhancing Laboratory Precision with Customised Variable AC Power Supplies

In the fast-paced world of laboratory testing, precision is paramount.

When Dimplex Laboratory's appliances department faced the challenge of meeting stringent testing specifications with adjustable AC power supplies, they turned to Claude Lyons for a bespoke solution. With a need for precise voltage control ranging from 0 to 270 Volts at up to 75 Amps, alongside strict output voltage accuracy requirements of ± 0.5%, Dimplex sought a solution tailored to their unique setup.


Dimplex Laboratory's appliances department required precise and adjustable AC power supplies to meet stringent testing specifications. They needed a solution tailored to their unique setup, with adjustable voltage between 0 and 270 Volts at up to 75 Amps while maintaining strict output voltage accuracy of ± 0.5%.

Plans for Bespoke Power Supply for Dimplex Laboratory


Claude Lyons stepped in with a bespoke solution, crafting four Variable AC Laboratory power supplies precisely tailored to Dimplex's requirements. These systems were meticulously designed with features such as adjustment by intuitive Up/Down buttons, real-time display of output voltage and current on power meters, and the flexibility for third-party calibration with removable power meters.

Photo of installation for Dimplex Laboratory

Key Specifications

  • Customised output connections to prevent cable crossover and ensure seamless integration into Dimplex's testing bays

  • Incorporation of meter status indicators, input and output MCBs, and lockable isolation switches for enhanced safety and control.

  • Integration of armoured 3-core cables and BS4343 plugs to withstand rigorous laboratory environments.

Photo of installation for Dimplex Laboratory


The delivered solution not only met but exceeded Dimplex Laboratory's expectations. With Claude Lyons' customised Variable AC Laboratory power supplies, Dimplex gained precise control and flexibility in their testing processes, ensuring accuracy and reliability in every experiment conducted.

Additional Value: The inclusion of features such as neon indicators for stabiliser and output status, along with removable power meters for calibration, showcased our commitment to providing comprehensive solutions tailored to our clients' needs.

In summary, our collaboration with Dimplex Laboratory exemplifies our ability to deliver innovative and tailored solutions, ensuring optimal performance and precision in laboratory testing environments.

Photo of installation for Dimplex Laboratory

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