Agriculture Case Studies

transformative energy solutions in agriculture. Delve into case studies featuring innovative technologies such as PowerSave™ ESS and Claude Lyons' voltage stabilisation, showcasing how they've revolutionised energy management in farming.

From empowering rural development to optimising energy efficiency for businesses like Riverford Organic Vegetables, these stories highlight the profound impact of sustainable energy solutions in agricultural settings. Discover how cost-effective solutions and advanced technologies are driving sustainability, reducing environmental impact, and maximising operational efficiency on farms and rural properties. Explore the potential for a greener, more sustainable future in agriculture with our curated selection of case studies.


Explore our case study showcasing Claude Lyons' voltage stabilisation solution, which empowered Farmer Nick Gasson to bring electricity to a remote barn conversion economically. Discover how innovative technology transformed the once-inaccessible barn into a thriving holiday let, underscoring the value of cost-effective solutions in rural development and sustainability.

Riverford Organic

xplore how PowerSave™ ESS transformed energy efficiency for Riverford Organic Vegetables. Seeking to minimize environmental impact while optimizing energy usage, Riverford implemented PowerSave™ ESS's innovative voltage control technology. By regulating voltage output, PowerSave™ ESS reduces power consumption, leading to substantial cost savings and environmental benefits. Experience the seamless integration of PowerSave™ ESS.


Claude Lyons, a UK brand established in 1918, has been a pioneer in voltage and power control, making significant advancements in energy saving and harmonic mitigation, and is globally recognised for its voltage stabilisers, power conditioning and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). In 2016, The Allendale Group Ltd acquired Claude Lyons’ trademarks, product designs, and intellectual property, continuing the legacy of innovation and commitment to high-quality products.

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