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Case Studies



Europa Hotel

The Powersave™ unit at Europa Hotel exceeded expectations with a 13% electricity reduction, yielding substantial cost savings and enhancing operational efficiency and sustainability


Riverford Organic

PowerSave™ ESS at Riverford Organic Vegetables brings substantial benefits. With an £8,000 annual electricity bill reduction, Claude Lyons' maintenance ensures peak efficiency, minimizing downtime for maximum savings


Electrical Supply on Farms

Transforming rural spaces: Claude Lyons' voltage stabilisation solution turned a remote barn into a thriving holiday let, showcasing the impact of innovative technology in fostering sustainability and economic growth.


MoD Bases

RAF Dishforth saw significant energy savings post PowerSave™ ESS installation, with an average 8.5% voltage reduction and 12.5% power savings, totaling around £4,300 annually. Achieving ROI in just over two years, it aligns with MoD goals for efficiency and cost reduction


Radisson Roe Resort Hotel

After PowerSave™ ESS installation at Radisson Roe Park Resort, voltage stabilisation led to a 15.7% reduction in power consumption, contributing to significant energy savings and enhanced sustainability efforts


HMC Factory

PowerSave™ ESS at HMC's factory led to substantial energy and cost savings, cutting the electricity bill by £4,500 annually, around 7%. The 10% voltage reduction also prolonged equipment lifespan, boosting operational efficiency and sustainability


JJO Kitchens

The PowerSave™ ESS at JJO brought significant energy savings and CO2 reduction. With 480,000 kWh less electricity consumed, saving 257,760kg of CO2, JJO demonstrates its environmental commitment. Despite initial costs, a payback period under two years highlights its economic value


Glenavon House Hotel

Glenavon House Hotel saved over 13% on energy with voltage optimisation, cutting costs and reducing maintenance, including fewer bulb replacements and longer appliance life


London Underground

After installation and commissioning, station power supplies were restored to meet LUL standards, eliminating risks of equipment malfunction and station closures associated with out-of-specification supplies


Dimplex Laboratory

The delivered solution not only met but exceeded Dimplex Laboratory's expectations. With Claude Lyons' customised Variable AC Laboratory power supplies, Dimplex gained precise control and flexibility in their testing processes, ensuring accuracy and reliability in every experiment conducted.


Energy Saving