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Swing Ranges

Find out how to determine the optimal swing ranges for your specific electrical setup. Learn about best practices for conducting voltage assessments and setting appropriate voltage thresholds to minimize risks and optimise performance.

Case Studies

Explore our case studies and understand how Claude Lyons have aided in a variety of industries. With over 100 years of expertise we have a plethora of research and understanding to cater to your business


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Power Quality Management

Understand the contributions to poor power quality and its management, education on the different types and why power quality is so important, also how Claude Lyons can help.

Historic Data

Do you own one our previously established lines? Do you require info or specification sheets? Take a look at our Historic Data Archive below.

Electrical Calculators

convert kVA to amps for single-phase and three-phase systems. Our intuitive tools cover line-to-neutral and line-to-line voltage configurations, simplifying AC single-phase and three-phase calculations for optimal equipment performance.

Power Problem Types

Understand different problem types with our comprehensive Info page. Also understand how to solve these issues