Announcing the launch of a website dedicated to a flagship product in the Claude Lyons’ range – PowerSave™. It helps organisations on two, key fronts.

The innovative technology behind PowerSave™ empowers organisations to realise two, high-in-demand objectives today.

The first is concerned with achieving savings on ever-increasing energy bills. And the second feeds into the global environmental goal of reducing the impact of climate change.

PowerSave™ is designed to reduce and regulate the mains voltage used to power electrical equipment. Resulting in lower energy bills, longer-lasting equipment and a reduced carbon footprint.

Two product families in the range – Energy Saving Transformer (EST) and Energy Saving Regulator (ESS) – assist with energy consumption and power regulation and can reduce costs in these areas by up to 10% and 15% respectively. And as each kWh of electrical energy saved is equivalent to 0.43kg of CO2, it also helps with your commitments to carbon reductions. It’s a double-win you can ill-afford to ignore and one which the environment will also thank you for.

Find out more, and discover case studies from businesses already benefiting from power, cost and environment-saving solutions. Visit our PowerSave™ website today.