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TS Series Voltage Stabiliser Optional Additions

Below are the range of optional additions to our TS Series Voltage Stabilisers


Circuit Breakers / Fuses

Elevate the safety features of your TS Series Voltage Stabiliser with our optional circuit breakers or fuses. Designed to enhance protection against electrical faults, our stabiliser systems come equipped with input and/or MCBs (Miniature Circuit Breakers) or fuses.

Customised Enclosures (IP00 - IP66)

Discover tailored enclosure solutions for your specific requirements with Claude Lyons' customised enclosures, ranging from IP00 to IP66. Whether you seek a standalone stabiliser system or an open frame enclosure for seamless integration within your setup, we offer versatile options to suit your needs.

Class I Input Surge Arrestors
Lightning Protection

Enhance the protection of your electrical systems with Class II Output Surge Arrestors, available as an optional extra from Claude Lyons. Designed to safeguard against voltage surges and transient overvoltages, these surge arrestors provide an additional layer of defence for your equipment and installations.

Class II Output Surge Arrestors

Engineered to fortify your electrical systems against voltage surges and transient overvoltages, these surge arrestors ensure enhanced protection for your valuable equipment and installations. With advanced technology and reliability, our surge arrestors offer peace of mind

Metering Options

Discover versatile metering options for your needs with Claude Lyons' optional extra feature. Choose between analogue or digital volt/amp meters, meticulously fitted to your specifications. Our three-phase models include a phase selector switch for clear indication of input/output phase voltages or output phase currents, ensuring precise monitoring and control.

LCD Monitor

Introducing the LCD Monitor optional extra from Claude Lyons: Our in-house developed monitor circuit enables effortless adjustment of stabiliser output voltage via a panel-mounted LCD display, eliminating the need for internal access. Enjoy real-time monitoring of voltage, current, and temperature, with an event log feature capturing critical data for proactive maintenance. Stay informed and in control with Claude Lyons' innovative LCD Monitor.

Bypass Switch

Introducing the Bypass Switch optional extra from Claude Lyons: Enhance operational flexibility with manual or automatic bypass switches, available for remote mounting. These switches enable seamless transfer of load directly to the incoming supply, effectively isolating the stabiliser when necessary. Experience enhanced reliability and ease of operation with Claude Lyons' Bypass Switch optional feature.

Over and Under Voltage
Frequency Relay

Ensure optimal protection for your systems with our advanced relay feature. Designed to detect both over and under voltage, as well as frequency deviations

Safe Start

 Elevate the protection of your systems with our advanced relay feature. Detecting both over and under voltage, as well as frequency deviations, this relay ensures comprehensive safeguarding for your electrical equipment.

Remote Monitoring & Alarms
Frequency Relay

Stay connected and informed with our advanced remote monitoring capabilities. With this feature, you can remotely monitor the status of your equipment

Remote Sensing

Gain greater control and efficiency by compensating for voltage drops with additional terminals provided. Ideal for scenarios where the load is situated at a distance from the voltage stabiliser

USB Controlled Output Voltage

With USB connectivity, you can conveniently adjust voltage settings with precision and ease. Experience enhanced flexibility and convenience

Isolation Transformer

Enhance the safety and reliability of your electrical system with this essential addition. The Isolation Transformer provides crucial isolation between input and output circuits, protecting your equipment from electrical faults and disturbances.

0-10V Control

Take precise control of your stabilisers' output voltage with this innovative feature. With 0-10V control capability, you can easily adjust voltage settings to meet your specific requirements.

Noise, Spike and Transient Protection

Ensure the integrity of your electrical systems with advanced protection against noise, spikes, and transient disturbances. This optional feature shields your equipment from potential damage and ensures reliable operation

Bespoke Design Service

Tailored to accommodate unique requirements, our in-house design team offers customised solutions for specialised stabilisation needs. Whether it's modifying existing models or crafting entirely new designs, we ensure your individual specifications are met with precision and expertise.


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