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Discover the power of effective energy reduction with PowerSave™ Voltage Optimisation. With rising energy costs, the opportunity to slash 5-10% off electricity bills has never been more appealing, all without disrupting daily operations. By adjusting mains voltage to optimal levels, not only do you save on bills, but you also minimise equipment damage and maximise performance efficiency, reducing overall running and ownership costs. Backed by over 75 years of expertise from Claude Lyons, PowerSave™ offers tailored strategies for maximum savings and return on investment, ensuring a sustainable and cost-effective solution for your energy needs.

Savings of between 5% - 10%

Prolonged equipment life span

Salix Grant Funds available 

Powersave Energy Saving

TS Series - Electromechanical Stabiliser Catalogue

Maximise Performance: Voltage Stabilisers Engineered for Seamless Operations

Efficient Voltage Reduction Solutions

  • PowerSave™ Energy Saving Transformer (EST) offers up to 12% voltage reduction, prolonging equipment lifespan and achieving energy savings of up to 20% for sites with stable mains supply

  • PowerSave™ Energy Saving Regulator (ESS) ensures optimal equipment operation by reducing voltage to a controlled level, delivering up to 10% energy savings and aiding carbon footprint reduction.

Maximising Efficiency and Performance

  • PowerSave™ EST boasts over 99.5% efficiency at full load, optimizing performance for various electrical equipment and enabling substantial energy savings while reducing carbon emission

  • PowerSave™ ESS Voltage Optimisation technology maintains stable output, even during power fluctuations, ensuring equipment operates at optimal levels and extending its lifespan.

Proven Solutions for Energy and Cost Savings

  • Both PowerSave™ EST and ESS offer reliable solutions for reducing energy consumption and cutting costs, with tailored voltage reduction strategies designed to meet specific site requirements and maximize ROI

Over 100 Years of Expertise

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