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Elevate your power solutions with our comprehensive range of transformers, including auto-wound, fixed, isolating, buck-boost, and control transformers, all customisable to meet your precise specifications. Integrated seamlessly within our automatic voltage stabilisers, our top-tier control and buck-boost transformers ensure consistent voltage output for critical applications, even amidst fluctuating power conditions. Additionally, our energy-saving transformers offer unparalleled efficiency, reducing incoming supply voltage by up to 12% to unlock potential energy savings of up to 20% while extending the lifespan of vital equipment like lighting and heating systems. Trust in our expertise to deliver tailored solutions that optimise both energy efficiency and equipment performance.

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TS Series - Electromechanical Stabiliser Catalogue

Maximise Performance: Voltage Stabilisers Engineered for Seamless Operations

Diverse Range Explore our comprehensive suite of electrical solutions, spanning control transformers to high-current variable DC power supplies, each meticulously designed to meet diverse voltage ratings and configurations. Tailored Precision Our products are crafted with precision engineering, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. Customisable designs cater to specific mechanical, thermal, and electrical requirements, guaranteeing seamless integration into your infrastructure.   Built for Performance Engineered to deliver superior performance, our solutions undergo rigorous testing and quality assurance. From control transformers optimised for efficiency to high-voltage isolation transformers designed for precision, every product is crafted to exceed expectations.

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