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Introducing Claude Lyons® EFC Series: precision variable electronic frequency power supplies. Microprocessor-controlled with SPWM tech, offering customisable output from 6 to 600 kVA. Solid-state design with Infineon® IGBT modules ensures reliability. LED display for real-time status, optional remote monitoring available. Choose between SFC Static or RFC Rotary Frequency Converters for versatile AC conversion solutions. Ideal for test labs and engineered for electrical engineering needs.

Output power options ranging from 6 to 600 kVA


Variable frequency from 45 to 400Hz


Maintenance free

Frequency Converters

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Maximise Performance: Voltage Stabilisers Engineered for Seamless Operations

Cutting-Edge Technology
  • The Claude Lyons® Electronic frequency converter Series introduces a new era of precision frequency power supplies. Utilising advanced microprocessor control and SPWM technology, these systems offer unparalleled accuracy and flexibility in frequency and voltage conversion, ensuring optimal performance for a wide range of applications.
Reliable Performance
  • Engineered for reliability, the Electronic frequency converter Series features solid-state design with Infineon® IGBT modules. This combination of cutting-edge technology and robust components guarantees dependable operation, even in demanding industrial environments.
Versatile Options
  • With output power ranging from 6 to 600 kVA and enclosure options from IP00 to IP54, the Electrical frequency converter Series offers versatility to suit various needs. Whether for test laboratories or industrial settings, these benchtop-enclosed units deliver precision and efficiency. Additionally, customers can choose between the modern Static Frequency Converter Static or traditional Rotary Frequency Converter Rotary Frequency Converters to meet their specific frequency conversion requirements.

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