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TS Series Voltage Stabilisers


The TS Series of Voltage Stabilisers represents over a century of excellence in voltage and power control technology, trusted by government entities, industries, and research institutions worldwide. Engineered in the UK and designed for global applications, these stabilisers offer unparalleled precision in regulating supply voltage for diverse equipment susceptible to fluctuations. With a sophisticated microprocessor control system ensuring steadfast adjustment, the TS Series guarantees optimal performance, versatility, and reliability. From standard units to bespoke solutions, tailored to meet specific needs, these stabilisers stand as the cornerstone of efficient voltage management, empowering businesses to enhance operational efficiency, extend equipment lifespan, and mitigate energy costs.

Electromechanical Voltage Stabiliser

 Precision Matters

Accuracy better than +/- 0.5% (zero to full load)


Smart Technology

Microprocessor control ensures rapid True RMS sensing and response speed


Optimal Performance

Maximized efficiency even at full load


Key Features


  • High accuracy – better than +/- 0.5% (zero to full load)

  • Microprocessor controller for rapid True RMS sensing and response speed

  • High efficiency (approx. 98% at full load)

  • Negligible waveform distortion

  • Unaffected by supply frequency variations

  • Unaffected by load power factor

  • Indoor tropical rating (will operate to 40C at full load rating)

  • Very low temperature coefficient (only 1% change in output voltage for 40C ambient change)

  • Three phase models provide independent correction on each Phase

  • Transient Suppression included as standard Link

Customisable Options

  • Circuit Breakers / Fuses

  • Customised enclosures

  • Class II Output Surge Arrestors

  • Metering Options

  • Spike & Transient Protection

  • Manual / Automatic Bypass Switch

  • USB Controlled Output Voltage

  • Isolation Transformer

  • 0 - 10V Control

  • Noise Protection

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Standard Specifications 



Optional Extras

Bypass Switch Over and Undervoltage Relay
Internal Alarm Sounder Overcurrent Detection
IP00 Open Frame Phase Loss Detection
IP65 - External Enclosure Rack Mount
LCD User Interface Remote Sensing
Lightning Protection Safe Start
Metering - Analogue or Digital System Event Log
Noise, Spike and Transient Protection System Status Displayed
Output Contactor Volt-free Alarm Contactor




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