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TS Series

Backed by over a century of expertise in voltage and power control, our S Series TS stands as the pinnacle of AC servo mechanical voltage stabilisers globally.


Design and Manufactured in the UK.

Designed and meticulously manufactured in the UK for a global audience, our stabilisers ensure seamless control of supply voltage for equipment susceptible to line fluctuations.


Key Features:

High Accuracy: The Claude Lyons Series TS offers precise voltage stabilisation with an accuracy better than +/- 0.5%, ensuring reliable performance from zero to full load.

Microprocessor Control: Utilising a sophisticated microprocessor electronic control system, these stabilisers enable rapid True RMS sensing and response speed, allowing for efficient and effective voltage adjustment.

High Efficiency: With an efficiency of approximately 98% at full load, the TS series ensures minimal energy loss, making it an environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution.

Waveform Distortion: These stabilisers produce negligible waveform distortion, ensuring the integrity of the electrical signal and minimising the risk of damage to connected equipment.


Claude Lyons TS Voltage Stabiliser



Maintaining the correct supply voltage to medical equipment is crucial to meet equipment operating requirements. Claude Lyons TS voltage stabilisers provide stable voltage to X-ray, CT and MRI installations, as well as in mobile applications where power feed quality to the van or trailer is questionable.


In manufacturing, control of all parameters is key to ensuring efficient and consistent output. Every variable needs to be controlled and maintained, whether it’s the temperature in the building or process, the pressure of compressed air systems, or the voltage supply to equipment.


Offshore Rigs
The deployment of offshore rigs in some of the most inhospitable environments will naturally create demanding power requirements. Claude Lyons developed model variants to meet these challenging needs; these units are used in numerous locations worldwide to enable surveying, drilling and production to be undertaken without the power supply problems restricting operations


TS vs SVR Series


Choosing the right model

Before choosing your voltage stabiliser model, it's crucial to consider key factors to ensure the right fit for your needs. Follow these steps: select the number of phases, specify the output voltage, provide load current, choose the swing range model, and customise options with our in-house design team.

From IP ratings to remote monitoring, we tailor solutions to your environment and preferences for reliable power stability.

Bespoke options

If your requirements don't match our standard options, don't worry. Contact us for bespoke solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our in-house design team is ready to work with you to create a customised voltage stabiliser that meets your unique requirements, ensuring reliable power stability for your application. Whether you need adjustments to the output voltage range, load current specifications, or additional features such as remote monitoring, we're here to provide a solution that fits perfectly with your requirements.



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