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TS Series  Electromechanical Voltage Stabilisers

Leveraging the capabilities of electromechanical voltage stabilisers not only optimises voltage regulation but also paves the way for significant energy conservation. These stabilisers are particularly beneficial in scenarios where the primary power supply voltage considerably surpasses the voltage requirements of the appliances. By reducing the voltage by up to 12%, these stabilisers can extend the lifespan of equipment and potentially yield energy savings of up to 20%. This dual advantage of prolonging equipment longevity and promoting energy efficiency makes electromechanical voltage stabilisers an indispensable asset in power management.

Up to 4000 kVA

Independant Phase Control

Input corrections of up to +/- 25%

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TS Series - Electromechanical Stabiliser Catalogue

Maximise Performance: Voltage Stabilisers Engineered for Seamless Operations

Take Control of Your Environment

Equipped with a sophisticated digital electronic control system, our stabilisers continuously monitor and adjust the output voltage using a motor-driven variable autotransformer. This means that regardless of the fluctuations in the mains supply voltage, our stabilisers can maintain a stable output at the desired level, ensuring smooth operation of your equipment.

With a wide range of units available, from low-power to high-power options, our stabilisers deliver precise voltage stabilisation with exceptional accuracy and fast response times. Independent phase control further enhances their adaptability to diverse electrical environments.

A Solution for Every Situation

Whether you require standard units or bespoke solutions tailored to your specific needs, we've got you covered. Our range spans from 350VA to over 1000kVA, accommodating single-phase and three-phase applications. With input swing options of up to 50%, our stabilisers can handle input supply voltages of up to 450 volts, providing versatility and reliability in various scenarios.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond our stocked units, with in-house engineering and design services available to create customised solutions for unique requirements. From integration within existing systems to special enclosure designs, we offer flexibility and quality craftsmanship to meet your demands.

Maximise Efficiency and Savings

Beyond voltage stabilisation, our electromechanical stabilisers can also be used for voltage optimisation and energy-saving applications. By reducing voltage levels by up to 12%, they prolong equipment lifespan and offer energy savings of up to 20%, making them not only a safeguard for your equipment but also an investment in efficiency.

Trusted in Diverse Industries

Our stabilisers have earned the trust of various industries, including medical, broadcasting, communications, engineering, production, railways, and calibration laboratories, where reliability and precision are non-negotiable.

Over 100 Years of Expertise

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