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Discover our exceptional range of resistive products, boasting a legacy of quality stemming from the esteemed British Electric Resistance Company (BERCO®) since 1926. Incorporated into the Claude Lyons family in 1976, our resistors epitomise reliability and precision, serving diverse sectors including laboratories, industries, and defense establishments. With options like Bercostat® Rotary Rheostats, Berco® RA Fixed and Preset Resistors, Berco® Mica Card Resistors, and Berco® Tubular Fixed & Sliding Resistors, we offer unparalleled versatility to meet your exact requirements. Our commitment extends to ensuring compliance with MOD and NATO codes for defense and maintenance needs, cementing Claude Lyons' position as your trusted partner in electrical solutions.

Legacy Quality Resistors for Diverse Applications


MOD and NATO Compliant Resistors


Extensive Range for Industrial Needs


TS Series - Electromechanical Stabiliser Catalogue

Maximise Performance: Voltage Stabilisers Engineered for Seamless Operations

Bercostat® Rotary Rheostats
  • Extensive range covering industrial and laboratory needs
  • Seven basic frame sizes from 25W to 500W
  • Options include hand or motor driven, single or ganged, and open or enclosed designs
Berco® RA Fixed and Preset Resistors:
  • Offered in enamelled, silicone coated, or open wire varieties
  • Power ratings from 20W to 380W
  • Resistance ranges from 0.22Ω to 100kΩ, catering to various applications
Berco® Mica Card Resistors
  • Ratings from 45W to 260W
  • Wide range of resistance options available
  • Ideal for applications requiring moderate power dissipation
Berco® ‘J’ Coil Resistors
  • Helix design maximizes heat dissipation for high ratings
  • Available in ratings from 0.1Ω to 5.08Ω
  • Mounted on porcelain insulators for robust construction
Berco® Tubular Fixed & Sliding Resistors
  • Suitable for users needing high dissipation capacities
  • Robust construction for industrial and laboratory use
  • Single and multiple-tube models available, with ratings from 240W to 1080W and resistance from 0.2Ω to 1.4KΩ

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