Infrastructure & Utility Applications

Claude Lyons specialises in providing advanced voltage stabilisers tailored to the specific needs of telecommunications, distribution network operators (DNOs), railway systems, and broadcasting industries.

Our solutions ensure uninterrupted connectivity, reliable power delivery, and enhanced safety by safeguarding against voltage fluctuations and power surges. With a focus on reliability, adaptability, and scalability, Claude Lyons empowers operators to optimise performance, meet regulatory standards, and sustain business continuity in the constantly connected digital age.

As a trusted partner with a proven track record, Claude Lyons offers versatile solutions engineered to evolve alongside the dynamic demands of various industries, ensuring resilient and responsive infrastructure for uninterrupted operations.

Street Lighting

Street lighting serves as a cornerstone of urban infrastructure, providing safety, security, and visibility to communities around the clock. In modern cities, the efficiency, reliability, and sustainability of street lighting systems are paramount considerations. This application page explores the vital role of advanced electrical components and technologies, including voltage stabilisers, optimisers, transformers, and data logging, in enhancing the performance and efficiency of street lighting networks.


In the ever-evolving landscape of telecommunications, reliability and stability are paramount. At Claude Lyons, we understand the critical role that voltage stabilisers play in ensuring uninterrupted connectivity and safeguarding delicate equipment. Our advanced stabilisation solutions are tailored to meet the diverse needs of telecommunications applications, providing unparalleled protection and optimising network performance.

Distributed Network Operations

Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) navigate through the complexities of evolving power landscapes, our solutions stand as beacons of reliability, ready to address the challenges of changing power requirements and demands head-on.

Railway Trainlines

Railway systems rely heavily on trackside equipment to ensure safe and efficient operations. However, the challenges of voltage drops over extensive feed distances can disrupt the reliability of critical systems. To address this issue, Claude Lyons offers a comprehensive solution with their TS® voltage stabilisers and transformers from TEC Transformer Electrical Company.


 the fast-paced world of broadcasting and communication, precision and reliability are paramount, every voltage fluctuation could spell disaster. At Claude Lyons, we understand the criticality of maintaining a stable power supply for your equipment. Our suite of voltage management solutions, including stabilisers, optimizers, transformers, converters, and phase converters, are tailored to meet the exacting demands of the broadcast industry.


Claude Lyons, a UK brand established in 1918, has been a pioneer in voltage and power control, making significant advancements in energy saving and harmonic mitigation, and is globally recognised for its voltage stabilisers, power conditioning and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). In 2016, The Allendale Group Ltd acquired Claude Lyons’ trademarks, product designs, and intellectual property, continuing the legacy of innovation and commitment to high-quality products.

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