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Case Study

Energising Excellence: Claude Lyons' Solutions for London Underground Power Supplies"

Energising Excellence: Claude Lyons' Solutions for London Underground Power Supplies"

In the dynamic landscape of London Underground transportation, reliable power supplies are vital for seamless operations. Tube Lines faced critical challenges with station power supplies, necessitating swift and effective solutions. Enter Claude Lyons Ltd, renowned for our expertise and innovative approach. This case study delves into our intervention, showcasing how tailored solutions and unwavering dedication restored power supplies to operational standards, setting a new standard for engineering excellence in the transportation sector.


Tube Lines (London Underground) faced significant challenges with power supplies at 10 stations, including potential volt drop and imbalance issues. These issues posed risks of under and overvoltage conditions, potentially compromising station operations and safety.


To address the complex power supply challenges, Claude Lyons Ltd secured a contract with Tube Lines based on its extensive experience and expertise. The project required innovative solutions due to limited site access and strict weight limits within the Underground transport system. Claude Lyons designed units capable of being dismantled and reassembled on-site, surpassing engineering limitations and adhering to rigorous safety standards.

Key Specifications

  • Claude Lyons' design allowed for disassembly and transportation of units into section 12 Underground Stations via restricted access routes.

  • The units were designed to be assembled in confined locations and within the limitations of engineering working hours in an underground environment.

  • Approval processes involved conforming to LUL Standards and rigorous testing to ensure compliance and safety.


Following the installation and commissioning of the equipment, the station power supplies were restored to operation and maintained within stringent LUL standards. This ensured the elimination of potential consequences associated with out-of-specification supplies, mitigating risks of equipment malfunction and station closures.

Additional Value:

Claude Lyons' successful implementation of innovative solutions not only resolved Tube Lines' power supply challenges but also demonstrated the company's commitment to excellence and safety. By surpassing engineering limitations and adhering to rigorous standards, Claude Lyons contributed to the uninterrupted operation of London Underground stations, enhancing passenger safety and maintaining operational efficiency. Through its expertise and dedication to quality, Claude Lyons sets a benchmark for engineering excellence within the transportation sector.