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Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)



Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems have become indispensable for businesses and commercial establishments. Claude Lyons recognises the critical role that UPS systems play in safeguarding operations against AC mains power conditioning problems and total power failure. Our comprehensive range of UPS solutions caters to various applications, from compact desktop setups to high-capacity protection of critical infrastructure like medical equipment, data centres, and industrial plants.

Uninterruptible power supply

Understanding the Need

The reliance on uninterrupted power supply is paramount in industries where continuity of operation is crucial. Claude Lyons UPS systems offer reliable protection against power failures, ensuring that businesses and commercial establishments can maintain productivity and operational efficiency. With the ever-present threat of AC mains power conditioning problems, UPS systems provide a vital layer of defence, mitigating risks and safeguarding valuable assets.


Unparalleled Protection

Our UPS systems provide unparalleled protection by offering a diverse range of models, including on-line, off-line, and line-interactive variants, capable of meeting single-phase or three-phase power requirements. Whether it's ensuring smooth operation in small office setups or providing robust protection for industrial-scale operations, Claude Lyons UPS systems deliver uninterrupted power supply, even in the face of unexpected power outages.


Versatility and Adaptability

At Claude Lyons, we understand that each business or commercial application has unique power requirements. That's why our UPS solutions are designed with versatility and adaptability in mind. We offer the flexibility to specify autonomy backup times and software options tailored to your specific needs. Additionally, our team provides comprehensive support services, including site surveys, commissioning, and maintenance contracts, ensuring that your UPS system is optimally configured and supported for long-term reliability.



In conclusion, Claude Lyons UPS systems are essential components for businesses and commercial establishments seeking reliable protection against power failures. With our comprehensive range of UPS solutions and dedicated support services, we ensure that your operations remain uninterrupted and resilient in the face of power-related challenges. From compact desktop applications to high-capacity industrial setups, Claude Lyons UPS systems offer unparalleled protection, versatility, and adaptability to meet the diverse needs of modern businesses.


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