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Registered under the Rail Industry Supplier Qualification & Registration Scheme for the following Product Groups:

330302: IT Environmental – Uninterruptible Power Supplies
62039: Signalling – Supply of Materials & Equipment – Other
6599: Telecoms – Other



Railway systems rely heavily on trackside equipment to ensure safe and efficient operations. However, the challenges of voltage drops over extensive feed distances can disrupt the reliability of critical systems. To address this issue, Claude Lyons offers a comprehensive solution with their TS® voltage stabilisers and transformers from TEC Transformer Electrical Company.


Understanding the Need

Voltage fluctuations due to varying loads and long feed distances pose significant risks to trackside equipment. Fixed voltage correction mechanisms often fall short in providing adequate stability. Claude Lyons' TS® voltage stabilisers offer precise and continuous correction of AC mains supply, ensuring consistent power delivery to telecommunications, signalling, and other essential equipment.


Unparalleled Protection

The integration of Claude Lyons' TS® voltage stabilisers provides unparalleled protection against voltage fluctuations. With accurate voltage correction capabilities, these stabilisers safeguard trackside equipment from potential damage caused by voltage drops, enhancing the reliability and longevity of critical systems.


Versatility and Adaptability

TEC Transformer Electrical Company's range of transformers, including points heating transformers and those tailored for signalling and telecommunications, showcase versatility and adaptability to diverse railway infrastructure needs. These transformers, available in various standard ratings and equipped with IP54 protection, ensure durability and performance in challenging environments.



In conclusion, the collaboration between Claude Lyons and TEC Transformer Electrical Company offers a comprehensive solution to the challenges of voltage instability in railway systems. Through the deployment of TS® voltage stabilisers and TEC transformers, railway operators can achieve enhanced reliability, safety, and efficiency in their trackside operations, ultimately contributing to the seamless functioning of railway networks.

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