Manufacturing & Technology Applications

In scientific laboratories, precision and reliability are paramount for producing groundbreaking discoveries across diverse fields. Advanced electrical components like voltage stabilisers, transformers, and resistors ensure a stable power supply, safeguarding delicate equipment and experimental integrity.

Variable transformers offer precise control over voltage levels, adapting to various testing requirements. In digital printing, Claude Lyons TS Voltage Stabilisers protect against mains voltage variation, ensuring consistent print quality and operational efficiency.

Claude Lyons also provides comprehensive electrical solutions for the manufacturing industry, addressing unique power distribution challenges and enhancing productivity. Our products offer unparalleled protection, versatility, and adaptability, powering a new era of industrial excellence.


Advanced electrical components form the backbone of laboratory operations, providing the essential power and control needed to propel groundbreaking discoveries.


Variable transformers, also known as Regavolt® Variable Transformers, play a pivotal role in this process by providing engineers and technicians with the means to adjust and regulate voltage levels with exceptional precision. As standard practice dictates controlled temperature and humidity in testing laboratories, the importance of a stable supply voltage cannot be overstated. This introductory overview sets the stage for understanding the critical role variable transformers play in ensuring the reliability and accuracy of testing processes.


In the digital printing industry, where every pixel counts and every detail matters, achieving precision is non-negotiable. From vibrant graphics to intricate designs, today's generation of digital printers continually push the boundaries of creativity and innovation. However, amidst this quest for perfection lies a silent disruptor: mains voltage variation.


 At Claude Lyons, we're committed to driving efficiency, productivity, and sustainability in the manufacturing industry. Our comprehensive suite of voltage stabilisers, transformers, and phase converters stands as a testament to our dedication to powering the manufacturing processes of tomorrow.


Claude Lyons, a UK brand established in 1918, has been a pioneer in voltage and power control, making significant advancements in energy saving and harmonic mitigation, and is globally recognised for its voltage stabilisers, power conditioning and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). In 2016, The Allendale Group Ltd acquired Claude LyonsÔÇÖ trademarks, product designs, and intellectual property, continuing the legacy of innovation and commitment to high-quality products.

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