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Claude Lyons: Guided by Excellence and Integrity

Since our inception in 1918 as a one-man electronics venture, we've embarked on a remarkable journey of growth and innovation. Today, we stand tall as a global leader in variable transformers, voltage stabilisers, and power conditioning systems.

Throughout our evolution, we've remained steadfast in upholding our family tradition and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Our values serve as the cornerstone of our identity, guiding every aspect of our operations.From fostering a culture of innovation to prioritising the needs of our customers, ensuring exceptional quality in every product, fostering teamwork among our dedicated staff, and embracing environmental responsibility, these values define who we are and how we operate.

Join us as we delve into the core principles that drive Claude Lyons forward, shaping a future built on excellence, integrity, and sustainability.


Claude Lyons continues to develop and advance since its humble beginnings in 1918. From what was once a one-man electronics business, the company has become an established world leader in the field of variable transformers, voltage stabilisers and power conditioning systems. Through these years of design and innovation, we are proud to have maintained a family tradition and a strong customer focus.


Behind every superior product and idea, our customers have been the focus. We strive to carry the respect of the Claude Lyons name and ensure that our products and service are nothing short of a premium standard.


Embracing innovation has driven us to new and exciting things. Our relentless approach has been key to creating and supplying high-quality products true to the brand, and is thanks to the people that have been the life of our business over the years.


A Claude Lyons product is a product done well. Our head office, engineering and production assembly facilities, all located in the UK, ensure that quality underpins each stage of the manufacturing process.


Teamwork is vital for the success of our company. Working together boosts employee morale and allows us to strengthen all of our values. Providing a space where our employees can feed from one another and have creative input leads to greater productivity and efficiency in the workplace.


We aim to reduce the environmental impact by supplying equipment designed and built for longevity. Claude Lyons equipment has withstood constant use since the 1960s, many systems are still in service to this day. Our focus has recently expanded to energy saving, harmonic mitigation, and recycling in the manufacturing process.

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