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The Allendale Group Ltd strives to be a good corporate citizen. Through its managers and through its people, the Company is committed to promoting protection of the environment, supporting charities, promoting equal opportunities, ensuring safe and efficient working practices and working with suppliers who uphold similar values.


The Allendale Group Ltd recognises that our people are a great asset and are fundamental to continued growth and as such, we are committed to providing careers and working environments in which our people can achieve their potential. Employees can access the Company website to obtain general information on the Company. Employees are encouraged to discuss operational issues with their line manager and to suggest ways to improve efficiency.
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Equal Opportunities:

The Company is committed to a policy of equal opportunity in employment and recognises that this is essential to ensuring the success of the organisation. The Company makes every effort to select, recruit, train and promote the best candidate based on suitability for the position; to treat all employees and applicants fairly, regardless of race, sex, marital status, age, nationality, ethnic origin, religious belief, sexual orientation or disability; and to ensure that no employee suffers harassment or intimidation.

Information Security:

The Company is committed to ensuring the integrity and security of its business information with particular attention to personal and sensitive data were inappropriate use or inadequate maintenance and safeguarding could have serious repercussions. The Company policies and procedures are based on its requirements for a secure operating environment.

Environmental Matters:

Our primary objective is to minimise our negative impact that we have on the environment. The Company is committed to the following:

For our full Enviromental Policy please see:

Health and Safety:

The health and safety of employees is of extreme importance to the Company. The Company strives to improve standards of health and safety which will lead to the avoidance and reduction of risks.

The Allendale Group makes every reasonable and practicable effort to provide safe and healthy working conditions at its offices and sites. It is the duty of all employees to be responsible in everything they do to prevent injury to themselves and to others. The policy standards and procedures are communicated to employees through staff hand books, contracts of employment, method statements, notice boards, induction training and specific training as appropriate.

For our full Health and Safety Policy please see:

Disabled Employees:

It is the policy of the Allendale Group to provide employment and to make reasonable adjustment to accommodate disabled persons wherever business requirements will allow and if applications for employment are received from suitable individuals. Should an existing employee become disabled, every reasonable effort will be made to ensure that their employment with the Company can continue on a worthwhile basis and that career opportunities are available to them.

Charitable Giving:

From time to time the Allendale Group will make contributions to recognised charities. The contributions will be either in the form of a straight donation to a cause that the Directors feel strongly about of in the form of purchased advertising.


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Local Communities:

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Industry Participation:

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Alan Ward
Managing Director
The Allendale Group Ltd (Claude Lyons Dept)