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At the heart of Lyons Instruments lies a story of visionary innovation and unwavering commitment to excellence. From forging partnerships with industry leaders like General Radio Company to pioneering high-precision instruments for esteemed institutions and research facilities, Lyons Instruments has been a trailblazer in the realm of instrumentation since its inception. Evolving to meet market demands, their legacy of innovation led to the establishment of Lyons Instruments Limited in 1968, now a proud member of the Allendale Group since 2017. Today, Lyons Instruments continues Claude Lyons' tradition, pushing the boundaries of precision and reliability in the ever-evolving landscape of technology.

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Portavolt® 715 Series enclosed variable auto-transformers embody the pinnacle of reliability and versatility. With cutting-edge Claude Lyons 715 Regavolt® technology and adherence to stringent standards like BS EN 61558-2-14, these units deliver robust performance across laboratory, manufacturing, and educational applications. Featuring durable construction, various metering options, and shrouded 4mm test sockets, Portavolt® offers unmatched convenience and flexibility. From its high efficiency and continuous variable output to thermal overload protection and distortion-free waveform, Portavolt® sets the standard for dependable variable transformers, making it the top choice for professionals worldwide.

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Regavolt® is the epitome of precision and adaptability in variable transformer technology. With gavolt® innovation at its core, Regavolt® transformers offer precise output adjustment from 0–100% or 0-113%, catering to diverse industries like electrical, electronics, and product testing. As a registered trademark of The Allendale Group Limited, Regavolt® carries forward a rich heritage dating back to Claude Lyons' pioneering days in 1933. From standard offerings to bespoke solutions, Regavolt® continues to set the standard for quality and reliability in variable transformers, ensuring seamless performance tailored to specific customer requirements.

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TS Voltage Stabilisers

Since the 1930s, Claude Lyons has been a pioneer in mains voltage stabilisation, initially introducing the 'Raytheon' voltage regulators to the UK market. Over the decades, they have expanded their range to include constant voltage transformers, high stability transductor-controlled static stabilisers, and servo-controlled stabilisers, culminating in the renowned series TS® voltage stabilisers. These cutting-edge solutions, with power ratings from below 1 kW to upwards of 4 MW, have gained global acceptance across various applications, solidifying Claude Lyons' reputation for reliability and innovation. Explore the applications section of their website to witness their widespread impact.

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Berco and Bercostat

In 1976 the product ranges of the British Electric Resistance Co Ltd (BERCO) were acquired, including the Regavolt® range of variable transformers, Berco® wirewound power resistors and Bercostat® rotary rheostats. A new subsidiary, Claude Lyons Controls Limited, was established to manufacture these products. In 1978 manufacture was re-located to spacious premises in Waltham Cross, Herts., and were joined there by the manufacture of Claude Lyons’ voltage stabilisers.

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Transformer and Electrical Co (TEC)

TEC, The Transformer and Electrical Co Limited,  had for many years been a major supplier to the Claude Lyons Group of power transformers, particularly as components for Claude Lyons voltage stabilisers.

Other TEC® products included transformer/rectifier units, control transformers, auto-transformers, reactors, pole mounting transformers and points heating transformers.


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